About Us

SadTrombone.com was the result of a little to much time in the office at Forum Communications (when the group was still called the Interactive media group <IMG>.

At the time we all thought we were extremely funny, but in reality only a few of us were. We would often have InstantRimShot.com queued up and ready for our puns and punch lines. After a while some would in the office would queue up InstantRimShot.com after a horrible pun or punch line and we had no recourse. That is when the idea was first floated around. A website that played just a noise for failure.

One of us in the office ran with the idea and SadTrombone.com made its debut on the web June of 2008. It started out as just a way for us to get back at one another in the office, but soon blossomed into a successful single purpose website.

After a few months the site was a little to much to keep running on a server in the basement of the house and we had plenty of bots trying to inflate the "failures", but we have managed to keep the site going so others can have some fun. We have had numerous mentions on websites and television projects. We even were given the opportunity to become the first "official" sponsor of ""

We were tempted to do as others have and create other sounds, but have decided to keep them for special occasions. Unfortunately the thought of "archiving" those was not thought of until later. We have added the few archived sounds and will be sure to archive any new sounds once they are played.

We hope you have enjoyed SadTrombone.com as much as we have. If you want to drop us a line, feel free to use the form on the right to do so.

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