About SadTrombone

SadTrombone.com was the result of too much free time in the office at Forum Communications Company back when our scrum of developers was still called the Interactive Media Group <IMG>.

Supporting Mobile

SadTrombone.com now should work with most of your mobile devices.


We have been the exclamation point for online failures since June of 2008


Glenn Beck did his homework and outed us on his network


"My girlfriend already hates this website. Great job!" -Mario

Blowing Up in the Media

We have had numerous mentions on websites and television projects. We even were given the opportunity to become the "first official" sponsor of "The B.S. of A. with Brian Sack"

Kill Panel

Brian Sack and his team take on executive decisions made without due process.

Americas Greatest Threat

Glenn Beck cuts through the conspiracy to illuminate Americas greatest threat.

Meet The Team

Meet the people who brought you this site. Almost all of them had something to do with implementing this site. Stalk their social profiles and show some love.

Team Image Photo

Andrew Alba


Andrew is a Senior Application Developer and is the guy who took the idea for SadTrombone.com and ran with it.

Jason G

Jason G


Jason is a developer and worked with Andrew. There is a good chance he is the guy with the original idea.

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Pauline A


Pauline is a Healthy Living Director and provides criticism. Our favorite: "Well, it doesn't suck."

Another Word for Penis

Your one stop to view user generated slang for a penis.

Find Local Haunts

Keeping your search for haunts simple.